Solutions to Selected Problems

Solution to the first WBC Problem-page 10


Solution the the Second WBC Problem-page 10


Solution to the Third WBC Problem-page 10

Z for 90th percentile=1.282


 Solution to HDL Problem - Page 13

What is the probability that the mean HDL cholesterol among these 40 patients is less than 50?

From the standard normal distribution table P(Z<-1.48)=0.0694.

Therefore, the probability that the mean HDL among these 40 patients will be less that 50 is 6.94%.


Alpha Fetoprotein Problem - Page 12

It is extremely unlikely (probability very close to 0) to observe a Z score exceeding 6.67. There is virtually no chance that in a sample of 50 women their mean alpha fetoprotein exceeds 75.