Downloading, Installing and Running R

An up-to-date version of R may be downloaded from the site called CRAN (this stands for Comprehensive R Archive Network): Installation instructions are also provided on the website. In the following instructions, it is assumed that you are using a Windows system. You can click on "Download R for Mac" or "Download for Windows" and follow the instructions to download R.

Once you have installed R, you will see a blue desktop icon. To run R, just click on this icon. Alternatively, you can click on the R icon under Program by going to Start if you don't see it on your desktop. Then you will see a blank line with a command line prompt (>) symbol in the left hand margin under the statement. This prompt invites you to type in your commands or expressions. For example,


> 2+2

After you het the "Enter" button, you should get the following response

[1] 4


To quit the R program, use the command:

> q()


Also take note of the Stop Sign button, which will come in handy at times.


Note also that we usually don't save the workspace; instead, we save our code/script where the code will be saved as a .R file.

R Studio

There is an alternate version of R that some people prefer called R Studio. It is a little more GUI (graphical user interface) than the traditional R package. It looks nice, and you can make very nice documents with it:


We won't be using this program directly, but feel free to use it on your own for homeworks. If you have questions on it, let me know.

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