Using SAS Help

SAS offers extensive online help, which can be accessed from the Help menu



SAS Products and Learning to Use SAS are helpful menus. The Learning to Use SAS menu provides links to learning resources such as sample programs, web resources, and tutorials. The SAS Products menu provides links for different SAS products. In this class, only elements from Base SAS and SAS/STAT will be covered.

 Base SAS has help for commands, statements, and procedures dealing with data manipulation and basic summary statistics; SAS/STAT has help for procedures carrying out advanced statistical methods.



To find help for PROC MEANS, click SAS Products>Base SAS>SAS Procedures>Procedures>The MEANS Procedure



Note that the help for proc means is under Base SAS because the means procedure provides basic summary statistics.

The Index tab provides a keyword searchable index of the SAS commands and procedures.