The Ornish Diet

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The Ornish Food Pyramid

The Ornish Diet is a vegetarian diet designed to provide calories in the following ratio: 10% fat (very low), 20% protein, 70% carbs. There are no calorie restrictions, but it restricts simple carbohydrates (Alcohol, sugar, white flour). It eliminates cholesterol from the diet, because it is vegetarian.


Pros and Cons of the Ornish Diet



  • Strict adherence can prevent or reverse heart disease
  • Provides more food per calorie than other diets
  • Emphasis on exercise and stress reduction
  • Can be restrictive for some
  • Difficult to maintain long-term adherence




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The Ornish diet recommends 10% fat, 20% protein, and 70% carbohydrates per day. Which of the following best approximates the average consumption of American?