Caption: APGAR Score
Text: The APGAR score is named after Dr. Virginia Apgar and is used to describe the condition of an infant at birth.2  The APGAR is based on 5 criteria Appearance of the skin, Pulse rate, Grimace (reflex or reaction to stimulation), Activity (or muscle tone), and Respiration. Each of the 5 criteria is rated as 0 (very unhealthy), 1 or 2 (healthy) based on specific clinical criteria. The APGAR score is the sum of the 5 component scores and ranges from 0 to 10. Infants with scores of 7 or higher are considered normal, 4-6 low and 0 to 3 critically low. Sometimes the APGAR scores are repeated, for example at 1 minute after birth, at 5 and at 10 minutes after birth and analyzed.