Public Health Preparedness Planning

The Emergency Operations Plan


Public health preparedness planning is multifaceted and just one element of the even more complex world of emergency management. There are different types of plans that different types of agencies and disciplines must develop.This module will focus on the emergency operations plan (EOP) for the following public health and medical disciplines.

Hover over each discipline to read a brief description of the discipline.

  1. Community Health Centers
  2. Emergency Medical Services
  3. Health Departments
  4. Hospitals
  5. Long-term Care Facilities

These five disciplines coordinate the resources that are needed to respond to public health and medical care needs prior to, during, and after a disaster or emergency. The words disaster, emergency, crisis, and catastrophe tend to be used interchangeably although they do have different meanings. For this module, the word 'emergency' or term 'disaster or emergency' will be used.

Learning Objectives

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