Text: The USPSTF recommends annual CT screening in persons who fit the description in this problem. However, they also note the potential downsides of screening below.


"The harms associated with LDCT screening include

false-negative and false-positive results, incidental findings,

overdiagnosis, and radiation exposure. False-positive LDCT

results occur in a substantial proportion of screened persons

95% of all positive results do not lead to a diagnosis

of cancer. In a high-quality screening program, further imaging

can resolve most false-positive results however, some

patients may require invasive procedures.

The USPSTF found insufficient evidence on the

harms associated with incidental findings. Overdiagnosis of

lung cancer occurs, but its precise magnitude is uncertain.

A modeling study performed for the USPSTF estimated

that 10% to 12% of screen-detected cancer cases are overdiagnosed—

that is, they would not have been detected in

the patient's lifetime without screening."