Analysis of a Case-control Study

You and Dr. Barstow and his staff continue to collect data from the cases and from 46 control subjects matched by age and by neighborhood. A portion of the collected data is provided in the accompanying file:

Analyze these data to test the hypothesis that hepatitis was transmitted as the result of exposure from the Dairy Queen, Stop & Shop, Chi Chi’s, Chinese Gardens, or the Sparta (Lenny's) Bakery. If you don't know how to do this use the link to the right.

[Hint: Organize the counts of exposed & unexposed cases & controls into a 2x2 table, and save your 2x2 tables, because you will need them for a subsequent question.]

Based on your calculations, what was the most likely source of hepatitis, i.e. which establishment had the highest odds ratio?

The Dairy Queen?

The Stop & Shop?

Chi Chi’s?

Chinese Gardens?

The Sparta Bakery (Lenny's)?