Learning Modules

EP713 - Introduction to Epidemiology
 BS704 - Introduction to Biostatistics
Syllabus - Spring 2014 Biostatistics - Basic Concepts
Basic Quantitative Concepts Summarizing Data
Evolution of Epidemiology & Public Health Probability
Descriptive Epidemiology Confidence Intervals
Overview of Analytic Epidemiology Sample Size and Power
Surveillance Hypothesis Testing - Means & Proportions
Measuring Disease Frequency Hypothesis Testing - ANOVA
Measures of Association Hypothesis Testing - Chi Squared
Random Error Confounding and Effect Modification
Research Ethics Correlation & Linear Regression
Clinical Trials Multivariable Methods
Cohort Studies Nonparametric Tests
Bias Survival Analysis
Case-Control Studies  
Standardized Rates  
Effect Measure Modification  
Multivariable Methods  
Critical Review  
PH709 - The Biology of Public Health American Health Care
Syllabus 2014 Overview
Basic Cell Biology Providers and Hospitals
Infectious Agents Health Insurance Plans
Transmission of Infectious Disease The Affordable Care Act

Defense Mechanisms

Primary Care, PCMH, and ACOs
DNA and Genetics Technology and Drugs
Respiratory Health Assessing Quality of Care
Atherosclerotic Disease Equity and Mental Health Care
The Biology of Cancer Quality, Cost, and Outcomes
Environmental Tobacco Smoke - Weigh the Evidence  
  LPHI logo Public Health Practice in Massachusetts
Modules created for the Local Public Health Institute of MA by BUSPH in collaboration with local health departments & MDPH
  Orientation to Local Public Health in Massachusetts
  Bed Bugs
  Body Art
  Emergency Preparedness in Massachusetts
  Emergency Preparedness: Dealing With Stress in Disasters
  Emergency Preparedness Begins at Home
  Food Protection
  Lyme Disease
  MA Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN)
  MAVEN for Tuberculosis
  Outbreak Investigations
  An Outbreak of Giardia
  Public Health Law & Legal Issues in Massachusetts
  Public Health Workforce Protection
Influenza Recreational Camps for Children
Lyme Disease Recreational Waters: Bathing Beaches
Sun Exposure Recreational Waters: Swimming Pools
Malaria Tanning Facilities
MDR-TB Surveillance in Massachusetts
Benefits of Physical Activity Waste Water & Title 5
Polio Popular Diets
West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis  
Industrial Livestock Production  
Genetically Modified Crops  
Skills Other
Using Spreadsheets - Excel (PC) and Numbers (Mac & iPad) A Brief History of Public Health
How to Make an Effective Poster Presentation Basic Quantitative Concepts
Evaluating Persuasive Messages Public Health Preparedness
  Quantitative Core Map
Case Studies SB721 - Social & Behavioral Science
Remediation of Weymouth Naval Air Station Models of Behavioral Change
An Outbreak of Hepatitis A  
Leukemia in Woburn - Investigation of a Cancer Cluster (under construction)  
An Outbreak of Giardia  
Environmental Tobacco Smoke & Air Pollution